Peacock Pretty!

Trimming the tree with calming colors and bird themes is always alluring
TEAL THE SHOW “We do a peacock Christmas tree in the living room because the room’s decor has the same vibrant kinds of colors — lime, green, teal, and blue — as a peacock,” says homeowner Ralph Bellisario. See more of his trees in the Look Book section. // Photo by Beth Singer

Often seen as decorative motifs in ancient churches and antiquated buildings, peacocks are said to represent everything from eternal life (the peacock sheds its feathers every year and grows newer, more brilliant ones — a sign of renewal) to the all-knowing (in Greco-Roman mythology, the Peacock’s tail has the “eyes” of the stars). They and their colors also make pleasing Christmas tree motifs, according to Linda Shears, of Troy-based Linda Shears Designs. “Turquoise, a blend of blue and green, has some of the same cool and calming attributes of these two colors. Blue denotes trust, loyalty, confidence, and faith. Green represents calm, nature, and renewal. Mixed together, they make turquoise — a saturated and sophisticated hue symbolic of friendship, peace in the home, and good fortune for the homeowner.” A perfect message for the holiday season!