Just Us?

When my husband and I host large or small gatherings at our home, we always follow a few party-prep rules. We light candles, dim the lights, and make sure there’s background music playing.

What’s in a Name?

When we purchased our cottage almost 20 years ago, an old sign at the end of the driveway by the road had the previous owners’ names on it.

Let’s Dance!

When I received the email, my husband and I were gliding north along I-75 to our cottage. I wanted to open it as I worked on my laptop in the passenger seat, but I didn’t want to open it. You might know the feeling.

Points of Light

On a chilly, dark morning last winter, I met a couple of friends at Cannelle Patisserie in Birmingham for coffee, tea, pastries, and some catch-up.

Returning Home

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A Shining Example

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Chair-ish is the Word

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Creative Powers

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