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Megan Swoyer

Curb Appeal

When my husband and I were thinking about moving into a different neighborhood many years ago, our young sons rebelled. “No! We must live...

Striking a Chord

Did you know that singers, hummers, and music-lovers are said to have specific traits?

Happy 20th Birthday, DDA!

It’s been 20 years since Hour Media held its first-ever Detroit Design Awards (DDA)!

Pull up a Chair!

One of my brothers recently texted me out of the blue to ask if I still had “the table” from our youth. Um, yep! There’s no way I’d ever sell it or give it away.

Table Talk

I enjoy setting a fancy table, and hearing the clink of fine crystal and China. And I’m not talking about during Thanksgiving or the holidays — I’m talking about right now.

A Change of Scenery

Interior design alterations can be tough for me. I crave change, but I want things to stay the same.

My Train of Thought

Do you save old keys? I do. And every time I look at a particular key that sits on a shelf in a prominent spot in my house, I travel back to my favorite home and find myself standing in the foyer.

As Good as Gold

When interviewing interior designer Annie Kordas for this issue’s Bravo page, I couldn’t help but take away some tips that struck me deeply.