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Mackinac Makeover

While the story called “Island Living” (Summer 2014), about the home I live in, looked great online, it’s even better in the magazine. Congratulations on a wonderful story that accurately portrays the history of Stroh Cottage and where it is today.

I am very proud to work for Grand Hotel and to call Stroh Cottage my home, and you captured that in your article beautifully. The photographer (Jeff Garland) did a wonderful job with the photography.

—Ken Hayward
Grand Hotel
Mackinac Island


Read On

We received the Summer 2014 Detroit Home magazine at the office, and it’s stunning. I swear, I want to read everything (the pool story, the Mackinac story, the gardens stories, the candle piece, etc.)!

Bravo — this belongs on shelves nationally!

—Carolyn Krieger-Cohen
CKC Agency
Farmington Hills


Lilac Lover

I absolutely love the Editor’s Letter in the Summer 2014 issue. So right-on with the sentiments of the past … it gave me goose bumps. The part about lilac bushes reminded me … about 10 years ago, I planted lilacs along Hickory Grove. What a treat they are.

—Shirley J. Maddalena
Maddalena Design


And from our online community:

“What a great kitchen (“Island Living,” Summer 2014)! I will be contacting that designer in the near future!”

—Korrin Traska

“The renovation (“Island Living,” Summer 2014) looks really nice and I love the history of the cottage.”

—Cathy Teague

“What a wonderful piece and projects (“Dip & Dive,” Summer 2014), all of them. It always amazes me the commitment people have in their homes; even more, the results a good designer/client combo can realize. Excellent work all around.”

—ModCraft: Modern Handmade Tile and Lighting


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