Gorgeous Guest Room

Designer Anna Versaci turns out a romantic retreat in a Seattle home // Photography by Kristin Harris

When Beverly Hills, Mich.-based designer Anna Versaci, of Anna Versaci Design, started working with a client who had recently relocated from New York City to a loft in Seattle for a job in the medical field, she wanted to help the homeowner express her own style in her new home. Part of that style included a dramatic yet welcoming environment for overnight guests.

The project came to Versaci as a referral through a mutual friend when the Seattle homeowner admired the Michigan designer’s vision and work. “I love the psychology of business and design — working with people to give them what they want based on who they are and how they live,” Versaci says.

“Coming from New York City, it was her dream to have a special home — one in which she had a place to host guests, entertain, and relax,” Versaci notes. “She has a lot of personal style and wasn’t afraid to take risks. When she told me ‘I want to go crazy’ and said she wanted to paint all the walls in the loft black, I was excited. I knew then that there was no need to dial back on design. It was fun envisioning how it would all come together.”

According to Versaci, the overall design of the guest room was one of simplicity paired with a sul-try, romantic boutique hotel look and feel, plus a touch of fun.

Delightful Details

Overnight guests love this room designed by Anna Versaci Design, for a home in Seattle.

“We started with the graphic floral wallpaper and layered from there. The white bedding with a textured neutral throw and yellow velvet pillows pops against the black walls and ceiling,” Versaci explains. “The painting above the bed was already owned by the client, and worked well with the mood of the rest of the room.”

Since maximizing storage is often a consideration in a loft space, Versaci placed leather woven-front bachelor chests on both sides of the guest bed, topping them with “cool, moody lamps” that complement the Mid-century-inspired white George Nelson Ball Bubble Pendant light fixture.

Versaci notes there were some logistical challenges with the project leading up to the installation, since she’s based in Michigan and the home is in Seattle, but nothing extraordinary affected the homeowner’s delight in the finished room. “Our shared vision and goal was to make the guest room really dramatic, but the collaboration and trust between us throughout the project made it successful and fun.”

More information: annaversacidesign.com