Making a Splash

This bathroom design is as refreshing as a spring rain // Photo by Martin Vecchio
Calming Sea-green turquoise is said to represent tranquility.It’s the perfect shade for a studio bathroom’s wallpaper.

Interior designer Armina Kasprowicz, of Rochester Hills-based Armina Interiors, is crazy about nature — so it’s no surprise that when she was planning her new bathroom in her home’s lower level near her home office/studio, she chose to go with an appealing organic look. The bathroom, which was installed in her then-unfinished basement, features a Phillip Jeffries wallcovering reminiscent of a revitalizing springtime shower.

She also built a niche into the wall to add a little light, and to incorporate decorative accents like a tiny vase of flowers or greenery, hand towels, and objets d’art.

“The bathroom is very refreshing,” Kasprowicz says. “I like to use different lighting elements, like the one in the wall inset as well as the pendant lighting (Tech Lighting), which, with its pretty light, reflects off the wallpaper and mirror.”

The contemporary/transitional wall mount-style sink (by Lacava) has an opening that’s cut in an egg shape. “It’s kind of fun to have the sink entry off-center,” she says. Plus, she adds, the toilet (by Toto) complements the sink’s shape. The bent faucet’s (by Lacava) profile evokes an organic shape, as well.

As for that water-inspired wallpaper, the designer says, “I’ve known about that wallpaper (Blur in Turquoise on White Vinyl Glam Grass) for a good while, and it was my choice right away. I like that it feels like art and it’s unique. I like the different shades of blue. And every time you walk into the space, it seems like you see new and different parts of it, depending on the light.

“I feel good there.”