Seamless Sippers

A Good Cup of Tea, A Fireside Cocktail

A Good Cup of Tea

(below left)

WILHELM WAGENFELD VINTAGE GLASS TEAPOT WARMER, $95; and wooden tray, price available upon request, both from Hugh, Detroit, 313-831-4844, BETSY WILLIMS CERAMIC MUGS (BLACK WITH WHITE DOT, $44; rings, $48; KAICO KETTLE  (WHITE ENAMEL-COATED STEEL WITH BEECHWOOD HANDLE), $150; WOODEN SAUCER, $16; CITTERIO ESPRESSO SPOON BY IITTALA, $9; HASAMI PORCELAIN CUP, $10; MILK AND SUGAR, $40/set; TEAPOT, $55; NON PERISHABLE GOODS EVERYDAY LINEN NAPKINS, $45/six; and YUMERIO MUGS IN WHITE, $20, all from Nora, Detroit, 313-831-4845, MINIATURE FLAVORED HONEY BEARS, $4.99, Mills Pharmacy, Birmingham, 248-644-5060, WHIT TEAPOT AND WARMER, $27.50, Detroit-based Joseph Wesley Black Tea, Teas provided by Mills Pharmacy, Birmingham, and Joseph Wesley Black Tea.


Seamless Sippers
Photograph by Martin Vecchio | Styling by Stephanie Potts


A Fireside Cocktail

(above right)

VINTAGE BAR CADDY, $20; VINTAGE GLASSES, $16/ea.; CANE-PATTERNED ROCKS GLASSES, $19/ea; COUROC MUSHROOM DISH, $22; and GOLD METAL BOWL, $16, all from Scout, Royal Oak, 248-548-1065, POLISHED NICKEL TRAY, $550; and GOLD-RIMMED GLASS TRAY, $200, both from Neiman Marcus, Somerset Collection South, Troy, 248-643-3300, SUGAHARA DUO GLASS ICE BUCKET, GOBLET, and OLD FASHIONED GLASS, $138, $62, and $36, respectively; ALABASTER ASHTRAYS, $24/four; VINTAGE AMBER CORDIAL GLASSES, $25/five; and VINTAGE AMBER TUMBLER, $54/six, all from Hugh, Detroit, 313-831-4844, NON PERISHABLE GOODS EVERYDAY NAPKINS (LINEN), $50/10; and JOSE REGUEIRO BAR BOARD IN EUROPEAN BEECH (made in Michigan), $48, both from Nora, Detroit, 313-831-4845, Liquor provided by Mills Pharmacy, Birmingham.