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This builder gives new meaning to the word face-lift // After Photo by Justin Maconochie

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WHO: David Jensen, president of Beverly Hills-based Woodlynne Design Inc.


Built some time in the 1950s, this one-and-a-half-story Cape Cod on a beautiful corner lot in Beverly Hills had three bedrooms in the attic whose ceilings were angled. “It was like living in a cave,” says veteran builder Jensen.


The entire second floor was removed and the roofline was raised 18 feet. “Three of the bedrooms on the second floor now have ceilings that are vaulted, not flat, which opens up the rooms, changes the scale, and makes the rooms feel two times  bigger,” Jensen says of the home, which is now a two-story Colonial. Eighty percent of the brick was saved and/or reused.  “We found the original manufacturer, Belden Brick of Ohio, and purchased what we needed to complete the project. You can’t tell where the new and the old are.”

Beverly Hills Cape Cod After
Photograph by Justin Maconochie


The existing home had an obsolete floor plan, including a series of small rooms, that didn’t work for the new owners. “They wanted an open floor plan. Everyone wants that now,” Jensen says.


“The gift was that there was a side yard that was 33 feet wide, which gave us an opportunity to create a large family room on the first floor and a 20- by 20-foot master bedroom above it that’s nicely separated from the other bedrooms,” Jensen says.


Builder/designer, David Jensen, Woodlynne Design Inc., Roofing, weathered wood by Landmark Roofing Shingles, CertainTeed, Siding, LP SmartSide, Windows, Integrity Windows by Marvin, Masonry, Belden Brick, Paint: exterior trim, Alabaster; front door, Stolen Kiss; upper siding, Honed Soapstone; and bottom siding and brick, custom color, all from Sherwin-Williams, Flooring, Acme Hardwood Flooring, Farmington Hills. Plumbing, Kohler, Cabinetry, Pioneer Cabinetry Inc.,

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