2024 DDA Rising Star: A Name To Remember

Meet our 2024 Rising Star, Johanna Goddard!

This year’s Rising Star, Johanna Goddard, has been drawn to “all things design and construction” for as long as she can remember. “I used to — and still do — love helping my dad out with various home projects, and learning about different construction components and how things work. I knew design was for me when my family put an addition on my childhood home and I would observe the trades workers for hours and hours. I became captivated by the idea of being able to add my personal touch to my space and was fascinated with the way a house is constructed.”

Goddard’s passion followed her to Central Michigan University, where she majored in interior design and minored in professional sales and industrial technology. In August of 2020, not long after graduating with honors, Goddard joined Birmingham-based Ellwood Interiors, where she continues to impress today as a senior designer.

Her portfolio reflects her artistic philosophy, her devotion to creative design, and her dedication to continual improvement. “I believe in constantly seeking new and practical solutions that integrate the harmony and serenity found in natural environments. My approach combines innovative techniques with sustainable practices, creating spaces that not only inspire but also connect with the world around us,” Goddard says.

From the soaring ceiling to the earthy palettes and luxe textures, the home shown here exemplifies Rising Star Johanna Goddard’s skills.

While it’s hard for Goddard to choose a favorite among the projects she’s worked on, this Rising Star notes that a particular home — a 6,000-square-foot renovation that saw a traditional space with Spanish elements transformed into a modern oasis — is one that continues to stand out. “From reimagining intricate architectural details to selecting sleek, minimalist furnishings, every aspect of this project showcases the transformative power of design. I love the element of the unknown in renovations; you never know what hidden treasures or issues are waiting to be uncovered.”

She also appreciates the blank slate a new-build offers, and is currently in the process of finishing a 7,000-square-foot home that “celebrates the freedom of design expression.”

When she’s not designing, Goddard officiates lacrosse games (a sport she’s played since high school) and loves to spend time outdoors. “My ideal day would be a walk on the beach or a hike in the mountains,” where she says she could “read, sketch, or paint” for as long as her heart desires.

Congratulations Johanna!

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