2021 DDA: Commercial Design

2021 Detroit Home Design Awards: Commercial Design – From an inviting veterinary office to a chic cocktail spot, these winning spaces amaze
Hammer & Nail (in Detroit) pays homage to the building’s Mid-century origin. It captured first place in Restaurants/Bars. // Photograph by John D’Angelo


Photograph by Daniel Ribar

1st Place: New Standard

The subject design is a premium cannabis dispensary (New Standard, Hazel Park). The floor was polished to create unique visual character, walls were demolished and replaced, and custom millwork and wood finishes achieve a warm feel while ensuring practical functionality. Glass and a light color palette maintain the feeling of openness, and security elements are carefully concealed. Unique furniture, plants, art, and decorative pieces enhance the space, making it feel authentic and welcoming.

Designer’s Challenge

The original building was an old Maytag appliance dealership that had been vacant for years.

— New Standard

Photograph by Jesse D. Green

2nd Place: Architectural Salvage Warehouse of Detroit

Photograph by John D’Angelo

3rd Place: Iannuzzi Studio with Midwest Common


Photograph by John D’Angelo

1st Place: Patrick Thompson Design

Constructed in 1966 as the Professional Plaza office tower, this structure became known as the “Hammer and Nail Building” for its iconic neon sign — a series of hammers striking a nail. Hammer & Nail (in Detroit) pays homage to the building’s Mid-century origins while restoring its sign to a place of prominence. The cocktail bar is often enjoyed by concert-goers attending a show at Orchestra Hall, directly across the street.

Photograph by Martin Vecchio

2nd Place: Ganas MFG with Kyle Evans Design

Photograph by Kayla Havens

3rd Place: Five – Eighths


Photograph by Magda Biernat

1st Place: Pophouse

The task was to transform a dilapidated sugar factory into a delightful blend of culture, music, and intention for an ad agency’s headquarters (Translation, Brooklyn, New York). Conference tables boast walnut, stone, and metal. Custom graphics pop, delivering energy and color. The results: a design that embraces the historic architectural shell, and a landscape that inspires collaboration and innovation.

Photograph by Kroo Photography

2nd Place: Inform Studio

Photograph by Martin Vecchio

3rd Place: Maison Birmingham


Photograph by Read McKendree

1st Place: Ganas MFG with Islyn Studio Inc.

Bond Vet (in New York City) provides a friendly experience for pets and their owners. Tiered upholstered seating wraps around the lobby, providing an immersive experience, while the reception desk features an interactive cat scratch pole. A peg board with adjustable shelving creates a vibrant and customizable retail display. White oak wall paneling complements a retail peg board and adds to the textured refinement of the space.

Photograph by Mireal Estate Photography

2nd Place: Spaces Interior Design

Photograph by Jeffrey Kilmer

3rd Place: M1DTW Architects


Photograph by Jeff Garland

1st Place: Davis & Davis Interior Design

The goal was to make an office building (O’Hare International Center in Rosemont, Ill.) welcoming and inviting. Moving the security desk made room for a lounge area. Cladding the existing red granite with porcelain tile provided an updated foundation for adding graphic art, suspended lighting, a new security desk, and stylish furnishings. A dynamic ceiling element transitions into the elevator lobby, and the mezzanine sports a wood-look wall-covering. The result is an effective transformation.

Judge’s Insights

The space (by Davis & Davis Interior Design) looks current and timeless, and is welcoming and inviting.
— Judge Jamie Herzlinger

Photograph by Jeffrey Kilmer

2nd Place: M1DTW Architects

Photograph by Curt Clayton

3rd Place: Moceri Homes with Blossom Springs by Moceri


Photograph by Adrian Kizy

1st Place: Marino’s Landscape

This upbeat restaurant/bar (Bar Verona in Macomb County’s Washington) needed a sense of privacy. The concept was to be comfortable without being too fancy. The outdoor patio has collapsible patio doors to allow an open eatery experience in summer and a comfortable atmosphere during winter. The boxwood green walls are complemented by the clean boxwood hedging, and softened by globe boxwoods inside. Barn lighting illuminates the building for safety and aesthetics.

Photograph by Patrick Esper

2nd Place: Architectural Salvage Warehouse of Detroit

Photograph by Beth Singer

3rd Place: Michael J. Dul & Associates

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