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2016 Design Awards

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Playhouse / Outdoor Building

Photo by John VanBrouck

1st – VanBrouck & Associates Inc.

This pool house was designed to visually buffer the public boardwalk access to the beach, creating privacy. Designed in the same classic, Shingle-style as the main house, it is an enchanting backdrop for the pool. There are changing facilities, a shower, and storage space for wet suits, snorkels, and scuba equipment. The interior features crisp white, marine-painted board-and-batten siding, and natural teak flooring.

Photo by Charmed Playhouses

2nd – Visbeen Architects Inc.

Photo by Zecchini Photography

3rd – Patrick Widing Custom Built Homes

Gate / Fence / Wall

Photo by George Dzahristos

1st – Three C’S Landscaping

Once the exterior of this home was cleaned of decades of soot and grime, new and restored hardscape materials could be incorporated into its restoration. Patios of bluestone and dry set walkways were rebuilt, cleaned, and reset. The entire process, performed meticulously, took the better part of a year — something that’s increasingly rare in terms of craftsmanship. Today, the masonry makes the home appear to be brand-new.

Photo by Gene Meadows

2nd – Michael J. Dul & Associates Inc.

Photo by Gene Meadows

3rd – Michael J. Dul & Associates Inc.

Exterior Use of Stone / Tile / Concrete

Photo by Jim Haefner

1st – Zaremba & Company

Simple geometry and materials enhance this terrace. An infinity-edge pool and the surrounding planters and path grow naturally from the existing brick patio. Cool bluestone slabs top the walls to contrast the warm brick, and water cascades over bluestone coping and into a brick basin. Between the patio and pool, bluestone steppers with planted lawn joints add subtle complexity.

Photo by George Dzahristos

2nd – Three C’s Landscaping

Photo by George Dzahristos

3rd – Zaremba & Company

Residential Swimming Pool / Spa

Photo by George Dzahristos

1st – Zaremba & Company, with Gillette Brothers Pool & Spa Service Inc.

Clean lines and a simple material palette exude sophisticated ease and elegance in this residential landscape. A strong axis aligns the house, pool, spa, and upper terrace. Cascading water connects the spa and pool and adds a playful sense of motion, while the plants soften the strong lines of the hardscape. The lighting adds drama to the space at night.

Photo by Jim Haefner

2nd – Zaremba & Company, with Gillette Brothers Pool & Spa Service Inc.

Photo by Jim Haefner

3rd – Stephen Winter, with Gillette Brothers Pool & Spa Service Inc.

Deck / Patio / Porch

Photo by Gloriouso Photography

1st – William J. Thomas Studios

Located in Metamora’s beautiful horse country, this 3,500-square-foot farmhouse underwent a full exterior restoration. The goal was to return the property to its original 1860s splendor. All existing siding and trim was removed and replaced, and the porch was extended around the home. The horse barn and carriage house (not shown) now have a pine board interior, with six horse stalls, a large hayloft, and an apartment.

Photo by James Youchum Photography

2nd – Kim Abbott Inc.

Photo by Beth Singer

3rd – CBI Design Professionals Inc.

Residential Landscape Design Under One-Half Acre

Photo by Gene Meadows

1st – Michael J. Dul & Associates Inc.

This ordinary home was remodeled and enhanced with limestone accents. Bold carpets of pachysandra and evergreen shrubs complement the strength of the existing mature trees. The simplicity creates a quiet but powerful feeling.

Photo by Zecchini Photography

2nd – Outdoor Living by Ryan Payment

Photo by Devin Webber

3rd – United Lawnscape Inc.

Residential Landscape Between One-Half Acre and One Acre

Photo by George Dzahristos

1st – Zaremba & Company

Surrounding the spa in this residential landscape is a lawn panel that acts as a landing for the limestone steps leading to the upper lawn terrace and tennis court (not shown). A border of reclaimed historic pavers frames the lawn, separating the designed from the natural. Globe boxwoods give vertical dimension to the space, along with beds of peonies and specimen trees.

Photo by Gene Meadows

2nd – Michael J. Dul & Associates Inc.

Photo by Bethany Decoopman

3rd – United Lawnscape Inc., with Beninati Pools

Residential Landscape Design Over One Acre

Photo by Joe Vaughn

1st – R. Youngblood & Co.

This home is located within the grounds of a secluded, gated community. The project involved the transformation of a dull landscape into an authentic, Old World look. The property now features lavishly designed boxwood hedge gardens, custom wrought-iron gates, several inviting conversation areas, and a formal “secret garden.” Day and night, real flames flicker in several gas copper lanterns, adding to the magical aura.

Photo by Lynn Stinson

2nd – Kevin Hart & Associates, with Jeffrey Henning – Environmental Artists and Lucy Earl – Jones-Keena & Co.

Photo by Zecchini Photography

3rd – Outdoor Living by Ryan Payment

Garden (Flower)

Photo by George Dzahristos

1st – Three C’s Landscaping

The goal here was to use improved cultivars of classic plants such as roses, hydrangeas, and long-blooming perennials. Choosing plants that can nearly self-manage is essential; fortunately, the list is growing. Today, clients prefer a more streamlined look versus a multitude of perennials. All of these factors went into making this garden, which combines today’s ease with yesteryear’s opulence.

Photo by Communication Associates

2nd – Aretva Homes

Garden (Produce)

Photo by Valerie Tarquini

1st – English Gardens

A simple design for an edible garden is the answer to the owners’ love of vegetable gardening. A series of 14- and 20-inch-high raised beds were designed in a U-shape. A fence provides year-round protection against unwanted visits from animals. Pathways of diamond dust ensure that the entire garden is low-maintenance and easy to keep clean. The entrance to the garden is framed by an arbor.

Photo by Communication Associates

2nd – Aretva Homes

Outdoor Kitchen

Photo by James Haefner

1st – DesRosiers Architects

Cooking outdoors in this kitchen is a treat. A clay tile roof, cedar fascia, and a skylight protect everyone from the elements. The full-service kitchen and bar is maintenance-free, down to the high-end stainless steel appliances and 48-inch-wide Viking grill. The floor and patio deck consist of textured concrete Wausau pavers raised on pedestals, allowing the surface to be perfectly level so water drains away quickly.

Photo by Zecchini Photography

2nd – Patrick Widing Custom Built Homes

Photo by Karri Brantly

3rd – Ruth Casper Design Studio