What a Doll (House)

We’re betting some birds are like people — they probably like to change up their interior/exterior spaces now and then with creative appointments, new roofs, and updated shutters, right? The winged wonders who visit this yard must have loved it when homeowner Victoria Keys Young of Grosse Pointe Shores stepped out of the box, so to speak, when adding  this birdhouse. Originally a dollhouse that a neighbor had made, Young says the structure is about 40 years old. She had it re-roofed and added extra shutters and a pedestal. “It’s perfect,” she says, “for a garden accent.” And for the birds!


Fun for Fine-feathered Friends

The gardens of Victoria Keys Young pop with vibrant pinks, red-oranges, and verdant greens, along with charming decorative accents. Read more about Young’s green thumb in this issue’s Look Book garden feature.