Vintage Vases

THIS SEASON | the real mccoy
SPRING IS IN THE AIR This pottery collection (many of the items are from McCoy Pottery) is perfect for all types of arrangements.

Michigan offers a treasure trove of antiques emporiums, each brimming with pots, urns, vases, and containers that exude historic charm. A favorite pottery company, Ohio-based McCoy Pottery, which operated during much of the 20th century and closed in 1990, is a popular collector’s item, notes Judy Frankel of Judy Frankel Antiques in Troy. “It has an Arts and Crafts look,” Frankel says.

“People like that it was made in America, it looks good, and it’s a great price since the pottery made a lot of it.”  Adds Dawn LaBelle of LaBelle Antiques in St. Clair Shores: “McCoy is happy-looking.” Sharon Beheler, of Bank of Antiques in Washington, observes that McCoy is well-made and is “coming into its own, with more people collecting it.”