Very Merry

A. Bar tool set stainless steel, $79.95, Crate & Barrel, Troy
B. Cocktail shaker silver 16 oz., $15.95, Crate & Barrel, Troy
C. Valentine vodka, $29.99, Valentine Distilling Co., Ferndale,
D. Wagon, $55, Leon & Lulu, Clawson
E. “Oh Deer” matchbox, $6.99, Leon & Lulu, Clawson
F. The Fine Matchbox Co. saftey matches, $9.99, Leon & Lulu, Clawson
G. Combo salt & pepper grinder, $114.95, Bright Ideas, Royal Oak
H. Let It Snow layered cookie mix, $9.95, Crate & Barrel, Troy
I. 8” Le Cirque pepper grinder, $84.95, Bright Ideas, Royal Oak
J. Assorted cone candles, $16-25, Nora, Detroit
K. Geo glass ornament, $6.99, Leon & Lulu, Clawson
L. Simmered cider candle mug, $37, Leon & Lulu, Clawson

A. Pyro Pet gray owl candle, $27.95, Bright Ideas, Royal Oak
B. Holly Tree, $24.99, Leon & Lulu, Clawson
C. Gus & Grey Michigan blueberry preserves, $8.99, Leon & Lulu, Clawson
D. Beck soft cheese knife, $7.95/ ea., Crate & Barrel, Troy
E. Aurora linen napkin, $7.16, Crate & Barrel, Troy
F. Fete cherry cotton napkin, $3.16, Crate & Barrel, Troy
G. Hayes marble board 13.5”, $29.95, Crate & Barrel, Troy
H. Slow coffee measuring spoon, $20, Nora, Detroit
I. Aspen dinner plate, $3.96, Crate & Barrel, Troy
J. Thankful plate 8”, $4.17, Crate & Barrel, Troy
K. Hasami mug black 11 oz., $24, and Hasami plate natural, $9, Nora, Detroit
L. Slow coffee carafe, $60, Nora, Detroit
M. Lucid pillar liquid candle, $65, Leon & Lulu, Clawson

N. Hammond’s candies assorted handmade candy canes, $3.59/ea., Leon & Lulu, Clawson
O. Aristide cast geo bronze vase, $24.95, Bright Ideas, Royal Oak
P. Stone beverage dispenser, $135, Bright Ideas, Royal Oak
Q. Sparq wine pearls, $24.95, Bright Ideas, Royal Oak
R. Xenia Taler crackle coasters, $36.95/four, Bright Ideas, Royal Oak
S. 2011 Centennial Zinfandel, $60, Langetwins, metro Detroit-area wine sellers,
T. Geo glass ornament, $6.99, Leon & Lulu, Clawson
U. Snowflake clear plastic ornament, $4.99, Leon & Lulu, Clawson
V. Sofia votive holder, $9.95, Bright Ideas, Royal Oak
W. Grow your own Basil Bourbon Smash kit, $48, Leon & Lulu, Clawson
X. Diamond drinking glass, $14.99, Leon & Lulu, Clawson