The Table Is Set

Styled by Kathleen McKay, this tablescape is serene with McKay’s vintage Flow Blue dishware and subtle fall décor. Read about her transformed home in this issue’s Rhapsody in Blue story.

When was the last time you set a proper table with fine table linens, delicate dishware, and pretty décor? This is the time to pull out old family recipes, dust off heirloom collectibles, set a fetching table, invite friends and family over, and pull up a seat for a festive fall evening. Taking a cue from designer and entertaining guru Kathleen McKay, of Kathleen Design in Plymouth, consider eschewing standard orange pumpkins and bright leaves this time of year and use, instead, a mixture of creamy-white gourds, light-green fruits, and spritzes of fading lime-colored hydrangeas to your centerpiece. As for an autumnal dessert, it has to be something homemade, like a fresh apple pie. “There were a lot of bakers in my family,” McKay says. “My Italian mom, Rose, was a master baker and she taught me, growing up, to always use seasonal fruit. Thanksgiving was a big deal — we often had as many desserts as side dishes!”