Styled by interior designer Lynn Witmer, this lower level children’s paradise is an instant draw during parties at the McCuiston home. Goodies are changed out seasonally. Read about the family’s Modern Farmhouse-style abode in this issue’s cover story.

DO THE PEPPERMINT TWIST if you’re looking for ways to add a zippy, festive look to your dessert or kids’ table during your holiday celebrations. The peppermint sticks shown here are actually shaped like the original candy cane, made some 350 years ago. The first candy cane wasn’t created in the shape of a cane and was all white, with no peppermint flavor. After the turn of the 19th century, a peppermint flavor was added. As for licorice, its Greek botanical name means “sweet root,” and the licorice root was always considered medicinal. Put them all in old-fashioned glass jars, and you get instant eye candy!