Pillow Pizzazz

From left to right:

Silk ikat medallion pillow cover, $99, Williams-Sonoma Home, williams-sonoma.com.

Dena Home European sham, $75, Neiman Marcus, Somerset Collection, Troy, 248-643-3300.

Creature hideaway Euro sham, $58, area Anthropologie stores, anthropologie.com.

Green peacock pillow cover, $195, John Robshaw, johnrobshaw.com.


Left: Geometric linen sham, starting at $99, area Ethan Allen stores, ethanallen.com.

Right: Standard botanical pillowcases, 2/$100,  Thomas Paul, shopthomaspaul.com.


From left to right:

SFERRA Dovina standard sham, $108, Cristions Fine Linen & Down, Birmingham, 248-723-3337, and A Touch of Lace, Bloomfield Hills, atouchoflace.com.

FAUNA SHAM, starting at $29.50, area Pottery Barn stores, potterybarn.com.

SFERRA Ressa boudoir sham, $80, Cristions Fine Linen & Down, Birmingham, 248-723-3337, and A Touch of Lace, Bloomfield Hills, atouchoflace.com.


From left to right:

Signature Classics standard pillowcase, $90, Ralph Lauren, Somerset Collection, Troy, 248-637-7656.

Ralph Lauren Langdon pillowcases, 2/$115, Saks Fifth Avenue, Somerset Collection, Troy, 248-643-9000.

Sonia Rykiel Maison pillowcases, 2/$135, Saks Fifth Avenue, Somerset Collection, Troy, 248-643-9000.


From left to right:

june & december reversible pillow cover, $55, Leon & Lulu, Clawson,  248-288-3600, junedecember.com.

Crewel modern stripes pillow cover, $44, West Elm, Birmingham, 248-593-8200.

Tile embroidered pillow cover, $49.50, area Pottery Barn stores, potterybarn.com.

Iosis by Yves Delorme air cushion cover, $145, Kramer’s, Grosse Pointe, 313-881-9890.


Left: Safia embroidered shams, starting at 2/$88, area Anthropologie stores, anthropologie.com.

Right: Sonia Rykiel Maison sham, $90, Saks Fifth Avenue, Somerset Collection, Troy, 248-643-9000.


Left: Sonia Rykiel Maison sham, $100, Saks Fifth Avenue, Somerset Collection, Troy, 248-643-9000.

Right: Palmer sham, $130, Ralph Lauren, Somerset Collection, Troy, 248-637-7656.


Lavender Lulls

Spritz your pillow with an essential-oils concoction for a good night’s sleep

“Lavender works,” says Teri Racey, owner of Huntington Woods-based Illumined Heart. She’s referring to perhaps one of the most effective scents for helping relieve stress and inducing a good night’s sleep.

“Scientists believe the scent of lavender goes right to the brain and takes on the inherent qualities of the oil itself,” she says. “Lavender stimulates parts of the brain that are the same areas affected by prescription sedatives.” Racey, a physician assistant, mindfulness meditation teacher, health consultant, and author, makes a special spray that she sells to her clients and area health-based shops. Called Open Your Heart to Joy!, the spray is made of lavender and rose essential oils and distilled water, and comes in a small spray-style bottle. “We spray it on pillows; it helps with sleep,” Racey says, adding that she was intrigued by a study of seniors who sprayed lavender on their pillows and those who didn’t. “Those who did it enjoyed better sleep quality; the duration of their sleep was improved,” she says.

Racey created the spray a couple of years ago for her meditation classes. “I thought it would help people to begin meditating, to calm down.” She says she often sprays it in her hotel rooms when traveling, because it provides a deeper level of relaxation. And who doesn’t need that? If you don’t have any lavender spray, Racey says try dabbing lavender and/or rose oil on your hands, rub them together to create some heat, and then inhale.

“We absolutely need good, quality sleep. It relaxes and defrays us. It puts us back together and supports the healing process. If we don’t get a deep level of sleep, we’re not restoring ourselves, (which) causes an accumulation of pain and anxiety. Lavender gives you the opportunity to restore.” — Megan Swoyer

For more on Teri Racey’s company, go to teriracey.com.