O Christmas Tree!

The Tannenbaum tradition’s roots go back centuries
The Schneider family celebrates the holiday season with a beautiful tree in the living room of their Clarkston home. Mom Sarah, a design enthusiast, conveys her passion for decorating from bough to bough.

Is there anything like the mood that’s set when you first put up your Christmas tree? Holding court in a special space in your home, the Tannenbaum is a true feast for the eyes, whether it’s real or faux, green or white, traditional or contemporary. The idea of decorating with a tree has been with us for centuries; the first written record of a decorated Christmas tree comes from Latvia in 1510, according to the Michigan Christmas Tree Association.

By the 17th century, it was common in Germany to decorate trees with apples. Then, in the 18th century, revelers in France began to adorn their trees with candles to add light. In the 1800s, the Christmas tree was introduced in the U.S. by German settlers. Today, the tradition of decorating a tree is practiced worldwide by millions of people of different faiths and cultures.