Marvelous Mudrooms

Room Photo by Jeff Garland

WHO: Interior designer Meg Bildstein, pictured below, established her firm, Meg Corley, in 2010 and opened her Birmingham-based studio, Carriage House, in 2015. Bildstein, who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Michigan State University, is known for her cutting-edge ability to create 3-D renderings and drawings for each project; she’s also known for her skills when it comes to illustrating interior architecture, space planning, and finding exactly the right design elements.

DESIGNER’S GOAL: Striving to keep clutter out of sight, Bildstein’s design concept included closed storage for the Commerce Township home she shares with her husband, Corey, and their two children. “I think closed storage is so important,” she says. “There’s nothing pretty about looking at backpacks and coats!” The designer created compartments for items such as shoes, and bins for mittens and hats. Built-in closets were designed to reach the ceiling, in an effort to use the whole space. Higher, unreachable storage is used for seasonal items that can be easily switched out. (See Bildstein’s space above.)

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Portrait by Nikki Closser Photography

“There’s something about walking into a space with blues, grays, and creams that makes you feel naturally soothed. And in a chaotic mudroom, that was important.” — Meg Bildstein


Top Knobs 12-inch Emerald pull in Tuscan Bronze, $52.70, Russell Hardware, Bloomfield Hills
Gray Owl matte finish, Benjamin Moore
Navajo White Satin Impervo, Benjamin Moore

Cross Bouillotte small sconce in bronze, $299.85,


Meg Bildstein’s Design Tips
•    Install outlets in each locker for charging stations.
•    Make the shoe-storage shelves adjustable, so you can store different types of shoes.
•    Make the space personal with a favorite piece of art or a photo.

Room photo by Jeff Garland


Portrait by Justin Maconochie

WHO: Jennifer Asmar, known for her refreshing and personable approach, is principal designer/owner of Troy-based Asmar Interiors. The designer, a Wayne State University graduate, brings 17 years of design experience to her projects. Asmar likes to create spaces with timeless style, then add a twist of the unexpected. She is also a Detroit Home Design Award-winner.

DESIGNER’S GOAL: Asmar wanted a functional and inviting entry for this Beverly Hills home. “The family primarily enters through this area, as do visitors, so we wanted it to look beautiful,” she says. It was also essential that the area provide adequate space and storage for the family’s everyday needs. “Homeowners commonly underestimate how much space they need for a mudroom,” Asmar says. “It’s important to provide an adequate amount of space for lockers and storage.”

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“Hardware is like beautiful jewelry — it helps finish off the space.” — Jennifer Asmar

American Olean Scene tile in Shore, starts at $10/square foot, Virginia Tile Co., Michigan Designer Center, Troy

Hinkley Lighting Gallery Carabel 2-Light, $538.50, Herald Wholesale, Troy

Barcelona Beige, metro Detroit-area Sherwin-Williams paint stores,

Top Knobs Stratton double hook in brushed bronze, $39, Herald Wholesale, Troy


Jennifer Asmar’s Design Tips
•    Use durable materials (like porcelain flooring).
•    Include a bench; it’s great to have a place to sit when putting on shoes or boots. It also presents an opportunity to use pretty fabric to soften the space.
•    Be sure you’re able to house everything you need for everyday use.


Room photo by Mars Photo and Design


Portrait by Calynn Berry Photography

WHO: Dayna Flory Rasschaert, of Dayna Flory Interiors, is a metro Detroit native with more than 13 years of design experience. Her passion for beautiful things led her to pursue a degree from Michigan State University’s FIDER (Foundation for Interior Design Education) accredited interior design program. Early in her career, the Bloomfield Hills-based designer was awarded the prestigious 2011 Brian Killian Rising Star Detroit Home Design Award.

DESIGNER’S GOAL: Rasschaert’s objective for the space shown above was to create something functional, yet polished, to harmonize with this Rochester home’s refined design. “(Today’s) mudrooms aren’t the coat closets of the past,” the designer says. “This mudroom is located in the heart of this family’s home, and is visible from the kitchen and main living spaces.” Therefore, homeowners David and Juliet Gardner wanted something aesthetically pleasing and tidy. Rasschaert encouraged the family to inventory the items they wanted to store in the space; she then added 25 percent to that figure. “This will ensure they have ample space for storage, without overflow. Also, adding some closed storage helps keep the area looking ship-shape.”

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“Heavy-duty and good-looking hooks are the best!” — Dayna Flory Rasschaert

Larve woven seagrass basket (similar to one shown in room photo), $119, Wisteria,

Chatham double hook in oil-rubbed bronze finish,  $39, Restoration Hardware, metro Detroit-area stores,

Keystone Gray, Behr, Home Depot, metro Detroit-area stores,

Asbury knob in oil-rubbed bronze finish, $13-$15,  Restoration Hardware, metro Detroit-area stores,


Dayna Flory Rasschaert’s Design Tips

• Decide if you’re a closed-door or open-cubby homeowner. This is a critical factor when it comes to the final look of the space. Closed doors offer visual calm and order, while open cubbies allow for easy access for families on the go.
• Always plan for drawers. They look great and are the best type of storage for gloves, hats, and small essentials.
• Stain the bench seating. This makes for a much more durable surface that performs well against everyday wear and tear.