Getting the Goods

Thanks to School-house Electric, the schoolhouse finally does rock. They produce retro light fixtures using century-old designs and production methods.

Retro: Thanks to the folks at School-house Electric, the schoolhouse finally does rock. This Portland-based company produces fantastic retro light fixtures using century-old designs and production methods. Their hand-blown glass shades mimic vintage designs that have been out of production for 50 or more years. These classic gems are a throwback to the time when kids wore saddle shoes and the teacher’s desk came with a shiny red apple. Pictured: Otis 4, $97. Available at

Homegrown: Plato once said that music was a moral law. In local artist Erika Brodie’s case, music is floral law. These whimsical glass vases are inspired by all manner of things, but mostly by what’s playing on her radio. And if you don’t want to get philosophical about it, at least you’ll have a pretty place to deposit a fresh-cut bunch of summer flowers. Prices vary. Available at Trend 440, Monroe; 734-242-1622.

Floral: To Georgia O’Keeffe, the only virtue flowers possessed was their ability to stand still. That, and they were cheaper than hiring models. Still, it’s hard to imagine O’Keeffe wouldn’t have extolled the steadiness of Blomus’ Viento stainless steel flower pinwheels. These gorgeous garden ornaments are primed to please flower lovers — and even the haters may have to surrender. $20. Available at Contempo Home, Ferndale; 248-547-6398.

Modern: To borrow a line from the Marvelettes, please Mr. Postman, look and see if there’s a letter like this in your bag for me. Hopefully those grand dames of Motown would understand this lyrical lift in light of our love for this brilliantly modern letterbox by Rochester-based HouseArt. The mail will never look (or sound) the same. $250. Available at Russell Hardware, Bloomfield Hills; 248-644-0100.

Polished: Ciot, the Canadian luxury tile and stone company, is making its U.S. debut right here in metro Detroit. With high-end offerings and exclusive European imports of marble, granite, onyx, slate, and more, the tile scene will never be the same. Their experienced sales team will work with you to realize your one-of-a-kind design, and they’re not afraid of the really big projects either. So come on baby, let’s get stoned. Pictured: Exotic Fog stone tile. Available at Ciot, Troy; 248-288-8888.

Hullabaloo: Before you even knew that you could hull a strawberry, OXO made it a lot easier for you to do. This handy little contraption allows you to separate the fruit from its leafy green top without wasting too much time, or worse yet, maiming the pretty little thing. May your summer abound with pristine tarts and perfect chocolate-dipped treats. $6. Available at Linens ‘n Things stores.

Rustic: If modern and rustic could exist at the same time, this would be the time. These vintage-metal end tables are perfect for those of us who sit on the eclectic line with both feet facing the modern side. These striking pieces were constructed with industrial salvage from the ‘30s and ‘40s, and they manage to bring stylish function to what was once a pile of rubbish. Reapportioning never looked so good. $450 each. Available at Classic Country Antiques, Birmingham; 248-258-5140.

Elegant: Baccarat brings luxurious crystal to new heights with its marriage to famed French designer Philippe Starck. Starck has reinterpreted the company’s black crystal manufacturing process to produce its Darkside series, a small collection of furniture, light fixtures, glasses, and other decorative objects that are designed to explore the contrast of light and dark. $2,925. Available at Maison Furniture, Birmingham; 248-723-1254.