A Spritz of Beauty

This limelight hydrangea beautifully expresses the form-and-function concept.

It’s as reliable as your favorite little black dress or go-to navy blazer: the limelight hydrangea. Dipped in shades of muted, creamy  greens, its blooms convey old-fashioned grace. And as beautiful as these buoyant, leafy plants are, they’re also practical — which explains their huge cast of followers.

“I have three of them on the side of my house that are unbelievable,” says Tim Travis, a Sylvan Lake resident and president of garden emporium Goldner Walsh (goldnerwalsh.com) in Pontiac. “They’re on the west side and get blazing sun — and I have no irrigation system. I focus on distinctive plants that have high impact and require little care; I have no time to fuss over them.” Observes garden designer Cathy Rosenhaus: “Limelights are the workhorses of a garden.” The owner of Garden Designs (iamgardendesigns.com) adds, “They’re reliable and beautiful.”